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What's Smaller Than A Pizza Hut, But Able To Deliver Radio And TV Audio On-Time And Within Budget?

The WAM Recording Hut, of course.

Proving once again that they're more vertically integrated than the average advertising agency, Weber Advertising & Marketing has taken the next vertical leap - by constructing their very own in-house Recording Hut.

The WAM Recording Hut (pictured) is a fully-operational, soundproof booth that's just been added to the agency's arsenal of production tools. Now WAM's ever-growing list of clients can have the audio for their radio commercials, TV spots, and even on-hold messages recorded on the premises at 533 Janet Avenue in Lancaster, PA - without outsourcing or accompanying mark-up.

Weber Advertising & Marketing, one of the largest full-service ad agencies in Central Pennsylvania and the region's only vertically-integrated agency, prides itself on "getting stuff done... all under one roof." With digital Large Format Printing capabilities, cutting-edge Art and Creative departments, and now also professional audio recording capabilities, WAM continues to "rise" to the task.

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