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WAM Continues To 'Elevate' Its Services To New Heights

For more than two decades, Weber Advertising & Marketing has strived to be the only true vertically-integrated agency in the U.S., and to that end founded its own on-site Digital Express color printing department, and even hired a full-time carpenter (a rarity in the business) for retail signage installations - moves which have helped all of its clients to achieve consistency in branding while reducing costs. But, if recent equipment acquisitions are any indication, the Lancaster firm is seeking to 'elevate' its large format printing capabilities to all new levels.

With the sheer volume of signage steadily increasing, including posters and placards that are needed on a weekly basis for grocery stores, WAM recently decided to ease its future labors by adding the following time-saving pieces of gear to its LFP department:

MIMAKI JV300 160 Wide-Format Printer
With a three-way intelligent heating system (Pre-heater, Print heater and Post-heater), this high-performance, high-quality eco-solvent machine has uniform drying across the width of the printer, for even image quality - and moreover, much faster printing than the earlier versions of JV printers still used by WAM.

BBC Industries Digi-Dri™ Portable Infrared Dryer
As if the JV300 wasn't already fast enough by itself, the Digi-Dri™ conveniently rolls up next to the printer, attaches to the output material, then uses uniform infrared heat distribution to gently dry the ink to a full cure - pretty much on contact. Which means most large format jobs will no longer have to be laid flat on the floor and dried for hours.

KIP 870 Multi-Touch Production Color Print System
Designed for high-demand project requirements, this dynamic device features high-resolution color and black-and-white mixed set production, a 4-roll network printer, and even a 12" Smart System K Touchscreen. Translation: it's a poster printer that pretty much prints and cuts to size high volumes with great speed and accuracy.

Sure, WAM has always strived to "get stuff done" fast. And due to its vertically-integrated business model, with everything from account services to digital art lay-out, and creative services to large-format printing all handled under one roof, they've been able to do just that. But if you're wondering what the addition of this new technological trio means to the company - and more importantly, to clients - one only has to look to LFP's Dave Cote for further insight.

"We have weekly grocery store signage that used to take us 2 days to print," says Dave. "But now, with machines like the KIP 870, it takes us only 2 hours."

Clients (both current and potential), you don't have to be mathematically-inclined to calculate that all those extra hours gained can now be put toward creating and installing in-store displays, writing and designing mailers, managing social media campaigns - and much more - for YOU!

Weber Advertising & Marketing, one of the largest advertising and marketing firms in the Central Pennsylvania region, prides itself on "getting stuff done" across all media platforms - and across the U.S. To see updates on the various cool projects, big and small, that the WAM team gets asked to work on, visit our Facebook page regularly.