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Weber Advertising Is Accepting The Bike Challenge - How About You?

We care... about good health and the environment.

We share... our good name with good causes.

We're always fair... about allowing our employees to participate in fun and beneficial workplace activities.

So it's no surprise that Weber Advertising & Marketing is partnering with both the Air Quality Partnership of the Susquehanna Valley and Dream Ride Projects to promote this year's National Bike Challenge, a nationwide PeopleForBikes event aimed at uniting thousands of current bicyclists - while encouraging countless new riders - to ride more while competing on a national, state and local level.

Locally, Weber Advertising is inviting its employees and clients to accept the "challenge," and burn calories, save dollars - and reduce carbon emissions - by riding bikes for either recreational or transportation purposes. By setting up an account at www.nationalbikechallenge.org, participants have only to enter the distance/time they ride between now and September 30th, 2015, and their workplace team can compete against other workplaces in compiling the biggest numbers.

The Challenge is open to all persons who either live in the United States or work for an organization with U.S. employees, and is free for all individuals, teams, schools and organizations. Each rider is eligible to compete in one team, one workplace or school, one community and one state.

For updates on how the Weber Advertising & Marketing bike team is doing in the coming months, be sure to regularly visit our Facebook page.