Shelf Sign

1 More Item In The Cart!

Customized Shelf Signs

Customizable Shelf Signs help add 1 more item in the cart in several ways:

  • Draws Customers' attention to specials

  • Increases impulse buys

  • Builds brand recognition

  • Establishes Great Point-Of-Reference Shopper Habits

Imagine what your sales and profits would be if customers would add 1 more item in their cart.

Weber Advertising has been helping grocery stores add 1 more item in customers’ carts for over 15 years.

One of the many ways we do this is with Customizable Shelf Signs.

"We need a quick, convenient & catchy way to advertise our aisle specials, but don't have the time or a way to make customized signage!"

The Truth Is: You don't need tons of time or a high-priced program to have effective aisle signage!

Customizable Shelf Signs from Weber Advertising MAXIMIZES your profits without MAXIMIZING your budget!

  • Customizable artwork

  • Inserts quickly changeable

  • Specials printed on inexpensive paper to maximize your advertising dollars!

Shelf Signs

Why We Love Point of Purchase

It's A Better Value

  • Cost to send a mailer: $.70/person

  • Branding inundation via P.O.P: approximately $.08/person

  • Excites customers and excited customers buy more!!!

  • Enticing customers to buy 1 or 2 more items per trip will drastically grow sales

Value of Point of Purchase

  • What is the value of selling one more item to each customer?

  • If you don't tell them you have a great deal, who will?

  • Traditional advertising works on building frequency and frequency is expensive.

  • P.O.P. delivers value and high frequency is cheap.

  • Become the conversation at summer picnics, church functions and cocktail parties by creating raving fans.

Brand Your Benefit

  • Find a unique, meaningful benefit

  • Attach a benefit to your brand name

  • Stop customers in aisle

  • Show customers how it's better

  • Get customers to pick it up

  • It's not always price

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The Weber Advertising Approach to Grocery Advertising

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End Caps help add 1 more item in the cart in several ways: Build brand recognition, Increase impulse buys and more!

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Shelf Signs

Shelf Signs help add 1 more item in the cart in several ways: Builds Brand Recognition, Establishes Great Point-Of-Reference, Shopper Habits, and more!

Add More To Your Customers' Carts With Shelf Signs

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