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Save 20% With Customized Bib Tags

The Bib Tag Program from Weber Advertising Can Save You TIME and MONEY!

Life Before Our Bib Tag Program
Life WITH Our Bib Tag Program
Spend a Ton
Save a Ton
Use Your Own Logo
Fast Turnaround
Free Window Signs
Cut & Presorted For The Fastest Installation
We'll Save Your Employees Hours

How You Can Customize Your Bib Tags!

Your Barcode For Easy Reordering - Your Custom Sale Logos - Custom Logos For Pricing! - Include Categories For Easy Sorting

Just ask, we’ll find a way to make it happen!

It's Simple! Here's How It Works:

You supply us with your database file, the items to include on the final tags, and a copy of your logo.

We will print them in-house, and then ship completed bib tags to your individual stores.

Every 1,000 bib tags gets you a FREE 36"x48" window sign. At 50,000 tags a month, you'll get 50 FREE window signs printed on 24# paper.

If you don’t have art files for your window signs, one of our talented designers can create them at a minimal cost.

"The Weber Bib Tag Program has been great on many levels! First and foremost, it saved us easily over $75,000 a year in printing costs, plus additional savings in the reduction of employee hours. The tags highlight our special programs and the execution has been flawless – it is one of the least painful changes we have ever made!"

Dean Walker
Boyer's Food Markets

Boyer's Foods
"We are in the process of switching over to the Weber Bib Tag Program. We are excited because the tags will allow us to incorporate our branding message directly on to the tags and will save our associates a significant amount of time when they hang them. Weber has been great to work with as we work through all the back-end data information to make this switch seamless."

Andrea Karns
Vice President of Marketing
Karns Foods

Karns Foods

Learn How You Can Get Free Window Signs When We Save You 20% On Your Bib Tags From Weber Advertising

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Get Free Window Signs And You Save 20% With Customized Bib Tags!

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