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Project Pros: Design • Digital • Printing • P.O.P.
Project Pros: Design • Digital • Printing • P.O.P.
We Get Stuff Done For Grocery Stores

How We Help Grocery Stores Compete*

We offer grocery stores an affordable way to compete against large entities like Kroger, Walmart and Wegmans. We Get Stuff Done and Market The Things You Do Best.

We believe that the market share battle is won in-store. Companies like Wegmans and Trader Joe’s do their best marketing in-store and their customers become Raving Fans. These Raving Fans sell the brand better than any radio commercial ever could.

It’s a team approach!

*A major part of our business is helping regional independent stores compete against enormous national chains.


  • We Love the Grocery Business

  • Nobody does more in-house than us so we can offer faster turnaround times and lower prices

  • Our success is based on our ability to generate ideas as a team and execute those ideas quickly and affordably

  • We believe in the power of a strong brand benefit

  • Farm to Fork. We also do a lot of agricultural advertising on a nationwide basis.

    (From New Jersey to Idaho)

  • In Business for over 25 Years – the average employee tenure is 12.8 years

  • By not having contracts, we will earn your business with each job we do

"I trust them to tackle a wide array of things for us, conventional and definitely unconventional, too. We rely on them to effectively communicate with our customers every week and they do an awesome job. Even though we're surrounded by larger competition, we're growing!"

Scott Karns
Karns Foods, Inc.

Karns Foods
Scott Karns

Our Opinion

  • We believe traditional advertising is becoming less relevant for grocery stores, which is good news for independent stores because outspending is no longer efficient. Traditional advertising is still necessary, but grocery stores can reduce their advertising budget and market in-store and in other “untraditional” ways. The result is more sales for less investment!

  • We believe nontraditional opportunities like Point of Purchase, Custom Store Brands and One to One communications with your customers offer exceptional return on investment. We make harnessing these opportunities easy.

  • Data is King. We will use your data to more effectively grow your business.

  • We believe that the value we offer our clients lies almost completely in our ability to Get Stuff Done. We won’t be expensive or slow.

  • We believe we can grow your business by creating branded products, in-store promotions and strong email campaigns.

Store Specific Signs

These are examples of our Store Specific sign program where end caps are created affordably and on a weekly basis. We print and produce all signs in-house.

"One of the things I appreciate most about Weber Advertising is their responsiveness. I’m always able to reach someone no matter the time, and they work towards a solution immediately. They bring ideas to our meetings and many of those ideas have helped our growth."

Andrea Karns
Vice President - Marketing
Karns Foods, Inc.

Karns Foods
Andrea Karns

What We Do #1

Sell More To Each Customer While They Are In The Store

For Karns, we created a number of in-store brands like Karns Heavenly Sausage and sales climbed. We used point of purchase to show customers that Karns prices were better than Giant and our Store Specific Program continues to drive sales. We also redesigned the interior, produced graphic materials and installed materials using our carpentry staff.

Store Specific Signs

What We Do #2

We Help Cultivate Raving Fans

Energize your customers so they promote your store while standing on the soccer field, at the church picnic or at the office water cooler.

It’s what smart grocers do best:

  • Store Branded Items
  • Celebrate the Store Experience
  • Reputation Management
Grocery Items

What We Do #3

Build Customer Loyalty By Staying Connected

One of our biggest successes for our independent stores is our customer email program. One client has 103,899 names and another client won the National Grocers Association Award in Las Vegas for their successes.

We also launched online ordering, grew lists, created a recipe section and ran web contests. Google Analytics help us make it very effective.

Customer Loyalty Items

What We Do #4

Traditional Advertising Helps Deliver New Customers

By owning a print shop, sign shop and other production facilities, we save clients money and offer quick turnaround times because we provide production services “in-house”. We produce television commercials, radio commercials, direct mail pieces, in-store signage, window signs, billboards and brochures. We also work with a network of suppliers who provide the services when the scope of work is outside of our expertise. We are able to deliver effective advertising on quick turnarounds for less money.

Traditional Grocery Advertising Items
"From the very beginning, we found those guys to be great at follow-through and in just flat out getting what we needed done. They were instrumental in developing our brand and since we’ve started working with them, we have averaged growth that has outpaced the industry average by 300% over the last five years. We’ve received national industry awards for our marketing efforts."

Dean Walker
Boyer’s Food Markets

Boyer's Foods
Dean Walker


How We Are Going To Win

  • Promote brand benefits and give customers a reason to be loyal

  • Use data and technology to pump out massive amounts of advertising at a low cost (Production Mindset)

  • The old rules do not apply. We will rewrite the “Rules of Marketing” so they benefit us (Guerrilla Mindset)

Customer Loyalty Items

Intro to Point of Purchase

A Better Value

  • What is the value of selling one more item to each customer?

  • If you don’t tell them you have a great deal, who will?

  • P.O.P. demonstrates value and frequency is cheap

  • Become the conversation at summer picnics, church functions and cocktail parties by creating Raving Fans

  • Brand Your Benefit

POP Grocery Items

Promotional In-store

  • End Caps

  • Card Program

  • Aisle Tags

  • Center Aisle End Caps

  • Temporary Promotional Signage

  • Grocery TV Systems

Promotional In-Store

In-Store Packaging

  • Deli Programs that Scream Value
  • Meat Programs
  • Sausage Programs
  • Perishable Boxes

    Donuts, Burgers, Bread Bags, etc.

  • Custom Labels
  • Easy Recipe Packages
  • Local Produce
In-Store Packaging


Our email open rates are well above the industry average!

Build a list – we like 7,500 per store as a rule

  • Contests & Promotions

    Win Your Weight in Meat

    Great Gift Card Giveaway

  • Sign-Up Program

  • Website Sign-Up

  • Departments

  • Website Component

Grocery Email Blasts

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing helps small businesses to promote in unconventional ways and is generally very affordable. It is the energetic and imaginative execution of promotional concepts. Larger companies tend to have a difficult time guerrilla marketing. For independent grocery stores, the challenge lies in the ability of the company to fully execute.

  • Publicity

  • Exciting or Heart-warming Events

  • Street Team Events

  • Grocery Store Happy Hour

    (M-F 4pm-6pm)

List of in-house promotional options:

Jumbo Grill, Large sound system, Small sound system, Food warmer, Inflatable hot air balloon, Temp sign frames, Portable movie screen, Projector, Costumes, Stage, Trusses, Air dancer, Tents, Street team, DJ equipment, Vans, Scissor lift

Guerrilla Marketing

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