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Fans of History's "Vikings" (and even those who've never watched the series) have no problem conjuring up an image in their heads when hearing the words "Viking funeral."

But staging a "real" Viking funeral with a real Viking ship and real Viking sail? Something that can only happen on film, right?

Try telling that to the folks at Traction Creative in Vancouver, who reached out to their contact at ACI Design & Theme Productions in Lancaster - who in turn reached out to Weber Advertising's "Sultan of Signage" Dave Cote. When Dave heard about the project - the construction of a replica ship for transport to San Diego's 2017 Comic-Con for re-enactment of a Viking funeral - he and his LFP team were stoked about lending a hand.

"They came to us rather than bigger name companies because we get stuff done quickly, and more affordably," says Dave proudly. And what exactly was it that ACI Design wanted WAM to get done quickly? A sail emblazoned with the logo from the "Vikings" show!

But, it couldn't be just any old sail, printed on just any kind of material. In order to spare the sail from going up in smoke like the rest of the Viking ship it would need to be printed on flame resistant material. Plus it would need to be easily transportable. WAM's experts accomplished both tasks by using four separate fiberglass panels which were subsequently stitched and hem taped together.

"I remember telling them that neither the stitches nor the tape were fire-resistant," says Dave, who feared a quick and early demise to the focal point of the Viking funeral. "But they replied 'hey, it might look better if the sail actually fell apart'."

The result: a fiery spectacle that served as the perfect promotion for season 5 of "Vikings," scheduled to set sail Wednesday, November 29th on the History Channel.

Weber Advertising & Marketing, a vertically-integrated agency and one of the largest advertising and marketing firms in the Central Pennsylvania region, prides itself on "getting stuff done" across all media platforms - and across the U.S. To see updates on the various cool projects, big and small, that the WAM team gets asked to work on, visit our Facebook page regularly.

WAM Continues To Grow - And Expand Its Capabilities

2016 was year of shifts in social media, technology and digital marketing. Influencer marketing became more than just a buzzword, the internet became all about video (and hence, video ads), and almost every digital marketer began looking for ways to connect business outcomes to their social media efforts.

So it's no wonder that, in 2017, Weber Advertising is making a shift itself - into third gear, you might say - by expanding its digital marketing and technology capabilities.

The three-pronged strategy? Add a trio of dynamic, motivated, tech-savvy individuals to the WAM team!

Joining the Weber Advertising & Marketing staff since January:

Vera Yeaglin (job title, The AD-vocate), a graduate of the Art Institute of York, is a veteran marketer with a diverse background, having developed skills in account support and sales presentations while at Woodstream Corporation, and multi-media advertising sales during a stint at LNP Media Group. Vera says "I enjoy the interaction with clients and getting to know them the most. I am proud of and excited about the services we have to offer our clients at Weber, and am ready to Get Stuff Done!"

Zach Heindel (job title, Webosopher), a recent graduate of the Art Institute of York - Pennsylvania (B.S. Web Development and Interactive Media), Zach also served as a Wireless Sales Consultant for MarketSource while simultaneously attending school. Prior to that, Zach was employed at Clipper Magazine in Lancaster. "There is nothing like turning your dreams into a reality," says Zach, "and I hope to make more of those dreams come true while at Weber."

Becky Sahd (job title, Branding Architect), an Elizabethtown College graduate, Becky specialized in brand management during her recent 5-year tenure at Woodstream Corporation, where she also gained experience in international sales. "I am eager to build new business relationships," says Becky, "and ultimately, build my new clients' brands."

To see updates on the many ways that Weber Advertising & Marketing continues to grow - and helps businesses to grow - in the digital age, visit our Facebook page regularly.
Vera Yeaglin
Vera Yeaglin
Zach Heindel
Zach Heindel
Becky Sahd
Becky Sahd

WAM Boldly Forges Into Digital Territory With Hiring of Deirdre Daily

The Economist recently opined that "marketing chiefs are struggling to find the right way to reach consumers on new digital platforms, where they are spending more of their time." And at the beginning of the year Forbes predicted that "in 2016, if you want to be seen, interactive content is the way to do it."

Yes, marketing trends these days pretty much all lean toward the digital end. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Weber Advertising & Marketing decided to forge full throttle into the "digital age" this month by creating a brand new position - Digital Marketing Manager - and hiring an experienced pro to fill it.

Deirdre Daily, a graduate of York College of Pennsylvania, comes to Weber Advertising with a diverse portfolio of experience, including a recent four-year stint as Category Development Manager for the Woodstream Corporation. She is also a newlywed, having married her husband, Michael Kreider, in February 2016.

"I performed 4 different roles while I was at Woodstream," says Ms. Daily, "so I'm quite accustomed to maintaining flexibility and rolling with the punches. In fact, I rather enjoy a dynamic work environment, so look forward to the 'get stuff done' pace of things at WAM."

To see updates on the many ways that Weber Advertising & Marketing is helping businesses to grow in the digital age, visit our Facebook page regularly.
Derirdre Daily
Deirdre Daily