Are You Interested In Using Our Hearse For Your Funeral?

Are Your Interested In Using Our Hearse For Your Funeral?

We have had requests from people to use our Lug Buggy as a hearse for their final ride. We would gladly accommodate anyone that wants to use our vehicle. If booked, your funeral would take priority over all other uses. If you are preplanning, we will notify your funeral home. We looked into the legality of this and it is allowed. We would expect the funeral home to clean it. We prefer Lancaster County funerals but will consider other areas on a case by case basis.

If you preplan, we will expect to be notified by your funeral home. If you are not preplanning and we hear about your passing, we will contact next of kin (probably through your funeral home) to inform them of your request, but we will not pressure your next of kin in any manner. Charles F Snyder Funeral Home in Lancaster, PA knows about our hearse and expressed a willingness to accommodate your wishes. There are Weber Advertising logos on the hearse, so we are able to cover our logos and make it less “commercial”.

Although we are providing the hearse for free, we are asking when using our vehicle to make a donation to Cross International’s Hunger Relief effort through a donation to The Cookie Sale to Combat World Hunger. The donation can be of any size but something in the range of $100-$1,000 is suggested.

We can’t guarantee that we will continue to own the hearse or that it will be in operation when you need it, but if it is… you can use it. Call Jim Weber at 717-299-1277 if you have any questions.

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